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Nayé is born as an entrepreneurial movement led by women to implement an eco-scoial productive model that seeks to improve our livelihoods and conserve our traditions.


Our dream is to generate a future of opportunities in harmony with Nature, so that our new generations can make a living in our watershed without having to migrate to urban areas.

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We are concerned about the deterioration of our forests and of our Copalita-Zimatán-Huatulco Basin, which is born in our mountains and feeds the Mexican Pacific with its nutrients.

Our business model is based on the following pillars:


- Generate circular economies to reduce, recycle and re-incorporate waste into our production process.


-Experiment and implement agroecological practices to contribute to recovering land through the use of bio-inputs in the production process, such as organic composting vs agrochemicals.


-Connect with other community members to generate economies of scale and economic spillover, while conserving our traditions, such as weaving and pottery. 

-Contribute to the reforestation of our watershed with native species along with other organisations and community members.


-Introduce a gender perspective to drive positive change in our communities towards more inclusive and collaborative societies

We invite you to buy Naye's artisan products so that you can contribute to organic production, reforestation and to generate environmentally friendly business models.

Be part of this magic circle. 

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We contribute to achieving the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

If you want to know more, schedule a visit to Nayé to learn about the agroecology movement in our communities.

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